Safety vs. Production

It is kind of interesting to hear some folks twist themselves into pretzels explaining why they prioritized “getting things done” over the safety of those that they expect or have asked to do the work.  Too often a focus on timelines, bottom lines, and production quotas take precedence over the safety and health of people and the environment.

This short-sighted approach not only hurts the individual who sustains the injury it hurts everyone connected to them including the employer.  And if the employer is a public sector organization such as a government agency, the ultimate losers are the taxpayers who have established the government, to begin with.  No matter how proficient they may be, employees who are sidelined by injuries or illnesses can’t provide service to the public.  This is even more critical in situations where government entities have been cut keep expenditures low.  In cases where there are limited numbers of people available to do work, there is also a limited capacity to handle them not being available.

Safety and production are not mutually exclusive goals.  The focus should be on safety OR production, it should be on safety AND production.  To the extent that safety can be interwoven into the production process the better everyone involved from the workers to the customer will be.

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